SQL order by grouping children of the same parent (one generation)

I am assuming there is only a generation, so I want to order the result from a db table with (id,parent_id) structure implementing the parent-child internal relationship, ie:


Table name: catogories
id parent_id name
int int varchar(100)





A simple excursion on jQuery's promises

Using Kriskoval's q version of promise I was in trouble when I required promises for a browser application based on jQuery (+more). After a while I found it exists promise in jQuery too, and is not so different in use.

a tricky tip on indending php&javascript mixed code

What I mean is the autoindent function of some editor that do not understand mixed code language. PHP and Javascript couple is special:


How to use model in a React Application

D: "Model has to be some where, where do I put the model?"

E: "At the top, the model is always at the top most. But I do not like react"

This conversation with https://twitter.com/emanuele_r (https://github.com/lele85 Emanuele Rampichini) take place in late novemberduring a code retreat, but it was off topic, because I does not put into test React framework.

small PHP check before upload or test

In a world where Bash shell is under attack I attach a short shell script that make me waste less time in upload/commit/test loop:

#! /bin/sh

LIST=`find . -name '*.php'`
for  x in $LIST; do
    OUTPUT=`php -l $x`
    if [ $A -ne 0 ]; then
	echo "ERROR ON " $x "with " $OUTPUT;

simple enough as running


on a git repository, do not traverse all tree but just the changed files, and launch just before commit the script

What is ELPA? and some hint on editing PHP with emacs

Emacs Lisp Package Archiver, simply a way to install emacs lisp script on emacs without wasting time on download, put where it could be loaded, load it ...

It just install the package and let you use it. Command is M-x package-install RET [and choose the package].

It will install the package in the ~/.emacs.d/ELPA folder.


Some usefull php el editing packages:


TDD or not TDD? This isn't the question.

Instead of reply to these reasons:


I prefer to find what make testing hard: mock object, the missing part!

All these arguments seems to fail to understand that TDD is not just testing, it is to guarantee SOLID principle of object oriented design


Use Grunt. Always

The worst could happen, but use grunt. Always.

A little lesson from wasted time.

Code could be wrong, thus it has to be tested, and tested, and tested. Automate that test. Do not wait to waste any more time.

A note on grunt is that shell can do the most, for example lftp is very good:


  shell: {
    upload: {
      command: 'lftp -e \'put ./myfile.tar.bz2\' ftp.mytargetsite.com'

 Is better than use grunt-ftp, or grunt-ftp-deploy, or whatever.

JsDay, news from the front. (and back end)

If I should rate an event from the front end I thing I should consider the UX. In this field JsDay has 10/10 as UX: location is easy to reach (once you are in Verona), food are good (missing salt from meat, they are salutist), very clean and comfortable, you get what you want and need, coffee breaks spans during the day in a regular basis, free bottled water (very valuable thing) and kindly hotel's and organization's staff.

php composer: npm like tool

A good introduction to the php composer:http://www.phpclasses.org/blog/post/221-Speedup-Your-Web-Deployments-Using-Composer-to-Install-PHP-Classes-Packages.htmlThe site https://packagist.org is where to post package.It is almost a clone of npm and I like it.Image: it came from getcomposer site, from