Wordpress Category external feed plugin

This wordpress plugin is for show custom external rss feed in category page.

For example if you want a category page list rss feed from another site category page, this is for you.

It is my first wordpress plugin (ok, maybe not exactly the very first hello world like ;)

It use simplepie because I like it. (it is included in package and license is almost compatible)

License: GPL
From an idea of: IM Evolution a SEO/SEM Company

Admin page:
edit category

Live demostration:

User guide

  • Install and set cache folder writeable by server
  • Edit category and set feed url
  • Use simplepie api to access data returned by get_catfeed_feed($cat) (see simplepie)

example (in archive.php theme file):
{syntaxhighlighter brush:php}
if (is_category()) :
if($feed = get_catfeed_feed($cat)) :

get_title() ?>

foreach($feed->get_items(0,10) as $item) :


Tech info
Plugin create a new db table ($table_prefix.'category_ext_feed') with feedtitle and feedurl fields.

Note: it works only on edit category, not creation, because I do not know how to get category id on creation .. and documentation is missing

2010 October, 29 Fix problem on create category
2010 November, 23 Widgetize (widget for sidebar available)

2014 Jannuary, 1 Uploaded to wordpress repo, and fixed some problem

In this revision I try to conform to this guide: http://codex.wordpress.org/Creating_Tables_with_Plugins using dbDelta, even if db table is not changed, also I removed SimplePie code, and used the one that come with
wordpress standard installation. There is a cache directory that should be setted as read-write mode for the script, this is done during installation, if things are not working set by hand.

Download it from:


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