Why not to use remove link

This is my experience: I have to rewrite administration page where
there is remove button (in a form) with only javascript confirm.

I thought: "no one had problem with no limitation in the past, why they
should now? I'll use a link with javascript confirm.

It happened I have a dashboard page where is listed the last entries
and links for update and delete its. It happened that few day later 20
entries was deleted and I was looking for what caused the problem for
one day.

I supposed no one would be so silly to click on delete for 20 times
... but wait there are exactly the number of displayed entries in
dashboard: 20 entries.

Elementary my dear Watson: when user could not make a mistake, a tool
can help him .. a SEO Tool.

Yes, the thing you use to check if there is a broken link, actually
visit the link and do not care about javascript limiting action on
click, it just ... delete.

RESTful paradigm require DELETE http request for delete action, it
could be replaced with a POST, but anyway never a GET should have
action of DELETE (neither create, nor update). And this is a rule of
thumb everywhere http is used as documented in rfc.

Idempotent methods: have the same result and do not change URI [GET, HEAD]

Non-idempotent methods: could have different result based on data and
could change resource [POST,PUT,DELETE]

That's why the names safe and unsafe methods: