News from Verona ( ReactJS Day - October, 5th, 2018)

I wrote some kind of report about ReacJS day - Verona, October, 5th. But my pc blocked (TODO: buy a new pc, once I understand which), I did not saved the document. I taked a screenshot.

My experiment on React.context will focus on edit state of a page. Currently the page is made of various components and some are switchable to edit-mode and view-mode. I want to add constraint that only one element in a page is on edit mode, and also to add the behavior of switch-to-view-mode-on-ESC-key.

How to use model in a React Application

D: "Model has to be some where, where do I put the model?"

E: "At the top, the model is always at the top most. But I do not like react"

This conversation with ( Emanuele Rampichini) take place in late novemberduring a code retreat, but it was off topic, because I does not put into test React framework.