Smartango: coding or wording (or asking?)

  • xmlrpc and mod_security

    with apache mod_security, xmlrpc calls return 412 “Precondition Failed” when using xmlrpc.php this avoids such error: in .htaccess : <Files xmlrpc.php> SecFilterInheritance Off </Files>

  • SDK for Smart Device

    Symbian Series 60 SDK from Symbian UIQ SDK from Maemo SDK from (Nokia N770, N800 tablet pc) J2ME from DevRocket from Montavista OpenMoko from OpenMoko (also mokomakefile project, sdk for linux) Google Android from BlackBerry JDE (RIM Java Development Environment)

  • XMLHttpRequest, document element DOM parsing

    XMLHttpRequest use, works only if url is on same site. checklogin.php give <KO/> if login è fails <OK>XXX</OK> with XXX id of user when login è is ok

  • C Language Exception Handling

    Error handling It is common for a program to manage non standard situation, like things does not work as expected, or time is expired on operation, or everything else. Typically C (as any old language) do manage such situation with error code returned, possible errno setted and a table of string that explain errno (sys_errlist).…

  • Parsing XML: Sax or DOM

    I tried both SAX and DOM, for parsing an XML file, difference in time performance is huge, from 4 hours (DOM) to 9 seconds (SAX). Different APIs Different interface bring to different complexity of code, but all depends from the point of view DOM You do not know what is Document Object Model if you…

  • Simulare eventi dell’interfaccia

    void CMyAppView::SignalImageStored() { TKeyEvent aKeyEvent; TEventCode aType; aKeyEvent.iCode = EKeyMenu; aKeyEvent.iScanCode = EStdKeyMenu; aType = EEventKey; iCoeEnv->SimulateKeyEventL(aKeyEvent, aType); } iCoeEnv is a member of CAknView class, this is useful to open menu automatically, maybe after a laps of time. … and this cause only menu event, not the corresponding key be pressed when menu is…

  • Quanto spendo per una connessione gprs/umts ?

    Quanto spendo per una connessione gprs/umts ?

    Così feci. Ma dopo un mese scopro che mi addebitano 25 euro per traffico GPRS. Non nascondo che ero un po’ incazzato per questa faccenda. Tra l’altro lavoravo per la Wind e giù a dirmi che non dovevo usare Vodafone perché con Wind questo non sarebbe successo. Beh, chiamo il centro servizi e chiedo spiegazioni.…

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