Daniele Cruciani – Software Consultant

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Something about me

I started to code when I was 15 with Logo and Pascal, then I worked with C and C++. Professionally most of my works was PHP for long time, then I switched to Javascript. I had experience with C++ for Symbian OS 6, that was not really enjoyable for me.

Currently I am working with ReactJS for frontend, and with nodejs for backend.

I maintain the cloud infrastructure for xWave GmbH, and for that company I am a key consultant being the CTO and coordinator of development (someone would define my role as product manager)

Hire me … or not, just conversation

I am busy at my work in xWave, and its product starsellersworld.com , so I have little/notime for other, lets have a talk and I listen to offers.

Also my role inside xWave GmbH is to be a facilitator to coordinate the development and speed up deployment rate by adopting DevOps technics and defining clear policies.

My CV: cv_daniele.cruciani_en.pdf

Certification and Prizes

I received a prize for open source project context menu in javascript, from jsclasses.org. I do not love certification, but in 2012 I decided to take Zend PHP 5.3 Certification, and actually it ended up being a good experience.

Consulting Rate

Rate: 40€/hour

Long lasting consulting: 250€/day


… also, a Zend Certified Engineer on PHP 5.3