Daniele Cruciani. It’s Me!

What’s in a name

Juliet: “What’s in a name? That which call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet…”

Old site header

In 2004 I want to create something related to smartphones, maybe a mobile application development service as a outsource provider, or maybe just as freelance developer (I had been asked to work to writing of a C++ application for symbian OS at start of 2004). There was handango.com as a application store, I do not had  the consciousness of what was the business model behind that, but I decided to register SmartAnGo.com, miming the name of hand-held devices “An(d) Go. I had no business plan and I did not create nothing in fact. But this domain remain to me, and I like it someway. It is not SmarTango, nothing to do with the Argentine dance, even if I can dance tango this site has nothing to do with it. The time has past and smartango is pronounced in italian like … smartango, a nonsense word, but I become used to it and I like it, thus this is the domain. Furthermore Smartango has nothing to do with being smart or not to be so, or “going anywhere now because you are smart” or “wait to become such and then go”.

Well, I like to think that some solution will be smart, and that make you go on with your business, and quickly, but I do not pretend that mine are smarter than others’ solutions.

Hire a freelance developer

A web developer is responsible for putting together the pieces and run them, but also to work together to ensure the parts do fit together in an acceptable time.

It starts with a graphical, a set of functional requirements, UX choices (what do you want your users or your customers perceive the product), and thus it is defined the technologies to get to this.

It is not excluded that some things are not achievable, or it is not convenient do it, so the development of the idea is also part of the work of those who put the pieces together. But for the most part, if you’re simply looking for a web developer, I expect that the idea has already been developed and that the well-defined plan is ready.

Start without a definite idea is very romantic and charming, but you can not determine if it is there, nor where, and this does not allow to determine, among other things, if the product you have in hand is worth the price I asked. Something rather unpleasant.

Whether it’s a new idea, or the improvement of an existing objectives must be clearly defined.

Then hire me.

Certification and Prizes

I received a prize for open source project context menu in javascript, from jsclasses.org. I do not love certification, but in 2012 I decided to take Zend PHP 5.3 Certification, and actually it ended up being a good experience.


Knowledge grid (I can)

Drupal Framework: build a web site using existing modules and a existing theme, customize theme, create/use a bootstrap theme (twitter), fix a module “bug” (or better customize behaviour of existing module), ubercart module (ecommerce for drupal 6/7).

WordPress Framework: build a web site using existing plugins, customize or develop new plugin

CodeIgniter: define an application using MVC, customize with template system, 1.x, and 2.x

INDEXU: (it is a closed source, I do not like it too much), development of extention, not supported by indexu supplier,

NodeJs: build a server application, create a module to integrate, asynchronous programming, promise pattern, express web framework, REST based API

Javascript front end: jQuery plugin development, AngularJS, d3.js

PHP: writing sofware and design architecture using well known design patterns

Testing: (TDD) Jasmine (javascript), PHPUnit

Deploying and automation: I use bash, grunt to deploy and automate task. I also wrote a Perl script in the past for this, I am very interested in everything that make me work speedely in general.

Adaptive graphics: bootstrap from twitter

Python: I know this language from long time ago, I am using it for a personal free software project

C/C++ language: the first languages I started to use, of C I like the semplicity. About C++ I like the object orientation, language syntax redefinition (metaprogramming), templates, and so. They are porting all this to Java, thus I like Java too. (and lambda)

Linux Desktop: I developed a GTK application for gtk 2.x, mysql based

Android is Java? no, in fact knowing the language is not enough. It is neither linux. I have no app developed in my portfolio when I am writing this, I will apply a low rate for developing an android app, but it has to be simple enough.



Rate: 40€/hour

Long lasting consulting: 250€/day


… also, a Zend Certified Engineer on PHP 5.3