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  • React Form, my wrong way

    Today I had to face form definition in react and I was afraid to some kind of repeatitive task.I looked for in in google, I found formik, react-redux-form, but I see it too complex, or too heavy. I am using reactstrap for frontend and maybe there is a premium library for form, but I am […]

  • My 2 days Journey on moving services to a swarm

    I work for, I wanted my company start to use tool for tracking project development in a centralized way, Jira was expensive as resource, and I can not ask such a step, so I asked a machine were to run Redmine. Then it cames the gogs, and, after little time, Jenkins. A number of […]

  • I stopped the data flow – on React best practices

    Reading the interesting article from Dan Abramov: I stopped at memoization. I did not know this technic before, but simply because nobody care so much about names before functional programming. And so I discovered how large is the cover of react hooks, useMemo() that does In a cleaner way with the hook, in my […]

  • git-merge: the github conference

    This is the list and summary of talks of the conference day, what last on me. The future of free software. In this talk Deb Nicholson talk about free software and the future. First of all she describe future, first by its view as a young girl, then using words from William Gibson: “The future […]

  • php zmq in docker and checking whether the C compiler works… no

     I spent 2 hours of what it lasts of my life trying to understand what was the problem on installing php’s zmq extension in a docker running alpine as base image. I would like to share my experience here.  During morning I would like to write supporting class for integrating zmq into our system and […]

  • News from Verona ( ReactJS Day – October, 5th, 2018)

    I wrote some kind of report about ReacJS day – Verona, October, 5th. But my pc blocked (TODO: buy a new pc, once I understand which), I did not saved the document. I taked a screenshot. My experiment on React.context will focus on edit state of a page. Currently the page is made of various […]

  • Docker in a Docker

    Running a docker container from inside a docker container, I mean. Of course one can define an image that instanciate a container as its default command, and this would lead to an infinite loop of forks … let’s see The infinite containment docker run -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock -name whocare alwaysfork Ok, that is bad and I […]

  • A matter of elegance

    I need some moment to fully understand this: const compose = ( …fns ) => fns.reduce( ( f, g ) => ( …args ) => f( g( …args ) ) ); reduce method is trickly: when initialValue is not given, the first element of the array is taken as first argument of reduce’s callback parameter, […]

  • Lo sporco lavoro del CI/CD e DevOps

    Ora racconto una storia. Beh, la faccio breve, si è fatta una certa.   Da quando c’è bisogno di rilasciare il software in tempo reale sono stati scritti diversi software di supporto per fare lo sporco lavoro di: eseguire test, impacchettare, distribuire i pacchetti nei vari server di destinazioni. Uno di questi è Jenkins, scritto in […]

  • E le Promise ritornano (risolvono in) function?

    Stasera ero qui con un test (acceptance) cercando di accrocchiarlo alla meglio. In sostanza usando jsdom e jest ho del codice legacy che utilizza jquery (versione vecchissima) e il js è nella pagina. Lo incollo in un file separato, prepare.js. E visto che devo caricarlo tramite node lo metto dentro una funzione che chiamo con […]