I stopped the data flow – on React best practices

Reading the interesting article from Dan Abramov:https://overreacted.io/writing-resilient-components/ I stopped at memoization. I did not know this technic before, but simply because nobody care so much about names before functional programming. And so I discovered how large is the cover of react hooks, useMemo() that does https://github.com/alexreardon/memoize-one In a cleaner way with the hook, in my […]

Docker in a Docker

Running a docker container from inside a docker container, I mean. Of course one can define an image that instanciate a container as its default command, and this would lead to an infinite loop of forks … let’s see The infinite containment docker run -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock -name whocare alwaysfork Ok, that is bad and I […]

Lo sporco lavoro del CI/CD e DevOps

Ora racconto una storia. Beh, la faccio breve, si è fatta una certa.   Da quando c’è bisogno di rilasciare il software in tempo reale sono stati scritti diversi software di supporto per fare lo sporco lavoro di: eseguire test, impacchettare, distribuire i pacchetti nei vari server di destinazioni. Uno di questi è Jenkins, scritto in […]