WordPress Category external feed plugin

This wordpress plugin is for show custom external rss feed in category page.

For example if you want a category page list rss feed from another site category page, this is for you.

It is my first wordpress plugin (ok, maybe not exactly the very first hello world like 😉

It use simplepie because I like it. (it is included in package and license is almost compatible)

License: GPL
From an idea of: IM Evolution a SEO/SEM Company

Admin page:
edit category

Live demostration:

User guide

  • Install and set cache folder writeable by server
  • Edit category and set feed url
  • Use simplepie api to access data returned by get_catfeed_feed($cat) (see simplepie)

example (in archive.php theme file):
{syntaxhighlighter brush:php}

get_title() ?>

get_items(0,10) as $item) :