Commissione europea e open standard … source … cosa?

Punto informatico ( and ( talks about an direction approved by European Commission on adoption of open standars, then later, they use open source, as synonimous.

Some time ago I had an argue in linkedin during which I sustained that public administration should adopt opensource software because it is open and cheap, a microsoft supporter enlight me on difference between open source and open standards, and point out that Microsoft has an offer of software that respect open standards.

Open standard concerns the openness of data, while opensource spoke about source code. It is less simple than it appear to discern what is data and what is code. Java define a language, that has semantic, and class prototypes, that is code. Spreadsheet standard has function syntax and semantic definition, macro language defininition (syntax and semantic), and so on. PDF is a programming language, so if you send a PDF you send a program code.

The ratio is that everything you exchange with other, in this case public administration offices, should have a deterministic interpretation, free from a give software producer fee, or a patent fee to be paid in order to read, thus be an open standard format.

So, what are talking about European Commission? Open standard, of course. Because the direction is to endorse freedome of choice, and freedom of choice is to be able to choice closed source, or opened, with the advance of one or another, but without restriction neither to the citizen, nor to the public procurement, that should accept only documents that can be read without restriction.

This, immediate rest apart, favorite a polite concurrence: less marketing, better software.


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