JsDay, news from the front. (and back end)

If I should rate an event from the front end I thing I should consider the UX. In this field JsDay has 10/10 as UX: location is easy to reach (once you are in Verona), food are good (missing salt from meat, they are salutist), very clean and comfortable, you get what you want and need, coffee breaks spans during the day in a regular basis, free bottled water (very valuable thing) and kindly hotel’s and organization’s staff.

But Javascript is no more only frontend, thus it start the first day, the first presentation by Massimiliano Mantione with metaprogramming. He propose to extend the language using a library over the javascript interpreter in order to make it compile a meta program, that is a program with code and macro definition. Macro are not as simple as C standard macro, but metascript macros permit to extend language syntax, also the basic syntax of metascript is very relaxed and permit expression of all kind … About testing he say that the unit test should … well, I understood it is a bit tricky but metascript is still a development project, it is on github and is open source.

Then what follow was my path.

Danni Friedland spoke about NSA.js. MutationObserver is an interesting API that let you observe what happens to the DOM. Its application has some limitation, but it is very interesting, and astonishing demo!

Henry Bergius present Flow based programming, an interesting way to define a program as a process, shown by a series of block passing message: message passing is the main concept of object oriented design, thus .. why not? http://flowhub.io/

Marco Cedaro spoke about the spirit of test, somewhat philosophical presentation, sameway funny, but there are books and and videos, etc. all around the world that pray you to convert to the spirit of TDD … ok, maybe it has to be repeated.

My path to the launch time was: risotto con salciccia, meat, green beans, bread, an apple at the end (even if I am not a fun, I have to admit it could be sweat sometime). Coffee (thanks you, I will give back some day)

Rob Ashton talk about browserify, just a javascript library enable you to make a single javascript source for your page using npm, node, browserify, some command line trick and … very clean result, but he do not know ctrl-l keyboard sequence to clear the screen (I hear this comment the next day, I rob it).

Federico Galassi presents the world of asynchronous programming. I discovered stream programming: define observable to observe events, not only asynchronous served function, and manage it a la promises way (Ex. SetInterval managed with a promise style).

Jakob Mattsson present Z-Core, a way to write test on asynchronous call in a readable way. It is a library, must test run it!

.. to be continued