My beloved DevOps tool, gnu make

Oh, yes, there is a lot of tool around for Really DevOps(TM).

But I just want to automate the task to sync remote folders with my working tree, anything else is managed with git, and that’s fine.

So I thought: rsync + fuse (file system user level mounting, I hate to launch filezilla or similae)

But I really does not need gulp, grunt or anything else, a Makefile is enough, no?

	sshfs remuser @ /home/daniele/remhostuser
	rsync -artv --exclude-from='rsync_exclude_from.txt' . /home/daniele/remhostuser/MyApp/
	fusermount -u /home/daniele/remhostuser

Then in the excude file:


Well I just wrote 2 files, a 4-lines file and a 5-lines files, one time. And for upload my code I just have to run:

make put

 and …

everything else are just TMs