Twitter Insecure by Design

It happens I have a new identity … no, someone has my credential or such for using my twitter account. Twitter does not reply, there is no team that can fix it.

Problem with twitter is that it is insecure by design. You indicate an email address and confirm it, at registation time, or whenever you want.

Well, now? If you want to change email address you have to confirm it with the old, confirmed one, email, you are guessing … no. You have to verify the new email address with the new email address!!

That’s all. I used to have @danielecr twitter account. Now it is Gale Albee @GaleIsWide, and there is nothing I can do about it.

To check it, I does a google search: “danielecr twitter”

interesting enough …

What does it means to you? This show that twitter is insecure by design, and if you are subscribing a service you should never rely on it, that is you open an account for new service using twitter, then make sure to add email address and make it the principal way to log in, never rely on twitter for security, it seems there is no customer care and noone who you can effectively contact and to which you can ask for assistance. You will loose all associated accounts.

Simply put: do not rely on twitter.