Little tool spot (php to UML)

This is my little endorsement to this tool

really usefull to extract uml from an existing PHP project. In GNU/Linux system (actually Bsd world too) there is at least Umbrello which read and write XMI format.

I am not expert of MS Windows world I just tryed googling it, I found this: . Umodel is 149$ software, it look like a very complete software, it could worth the price, but actually I prefer to keep code as simple as it could be catched just looking at the code, classes/methods names and little documentation, but sometime you loose control of the code.

I also tried autodia, that state an experimental support for importing xmi format to dia format. This is really experimental, starting from the missing strict dependence: libxml-simple-perl is required it you want to do:


$ autodia -l umbrello -i project.xmi 
getting handlers..
getting pattern for umbrello

AutoDia - version 2.14(c) Copyright 2003 A Trevena

using language : umbrello

..using Autodia::Handler::umbrello
opening Ebaysync.xmi
Not an ARRAY reference at /usr/share/perl5/Autodia/Handler/ line 87.

Thus … experimental.