Commissione europea e open standard … source … cosa?

Punto informatico ( and ( talks about an direction approved by European Commission on adoption of open standars, then later, they use open source, as synonimous. Some time ago I had an argue in linkedin during which I sustained that public administration should adopt opensource software because it is open and cheap, a microsoft supporter […]

Unesco World Heritage List

Ok, following I can not find a good export of unesco world heritage sites, interested in Italy. first step is to download xml format (, use an online service to translate to csv (, save it (download), then transform from dos to unix, import in libreoffice calc (google docs does not work), saved as ods format, […]

(PHP) CurlParallel around the world

About the project: Selfing on the net this morning I discovered at least another interesting implementation of parallel fetch of network resource via PHP curl, that is of, and is older than the one I take as starting point. Also that solution put focus on tasks to be managed not in curl by itself, thus giving more […]

Consigli SEO per javascripter: Se ‘o sai è meglio. (ricapitoliamo)

What does is indexed by search engines? Of course the static pages are, but what about javascript originated content (i.e. AJAX)? By the end of 2011 Google indexs comments loaded via AJAX (i.e. Facebook, Disqus, …). this is the last specs, that means (reading that the web server must provide a snapshot of the requested […]

following coursera courses

I am updating my knowledge by following some courses on, that is: (computational neuroscience) and (exploring quantum physics). I found both require that kind of math called statistic, or something like that, and summing vector of values, multidimensional calculus … very interesting and mind opening. I would endorse these courses because they make me feel really […]

Parallelize PHP script (continued)

The adventure continues.. Some more commits to repository in, the goal is to parallelize a php application as much as possible in the task of network I/O concerns. This is the test class in the rep:   require_once “sender.class.php”; class TestCurl implements iSenderConsumer { private $url_list = array(); public function __construct(Sender $sender) { // read […]

Homebrew spam: una di quelle cose che passano inosservate

Mi arriva una email: Buongiorno, sono Rinco Simplicio e vivo in provincia di Smaragnao. La contatto perché mi occupo di aggiornare i siti internet e comunicare le iniziative che riguardano il lavoro della mia famiglia, quello che noi chiamiamo “Il mondo dei Cretini”. Una piccola presentazione delle nostre varie attività è presente a questo indirizzo Il motivo […]

OpenDataDay Marche

Questa mattina ore 10.20 circa. (arrivo in ritardo)  Si parla di opendata e come questo sia importante per la diffusione dei dati riguardanti l’offerta formativa, e le informazioni di carattere scientifico che le università devono e vogliono diffondere. In particolare sta parlando un rappresentante della università di Camerino, e sta parlando dei dati scientifici, come […]